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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Ten important takeaways (for life) from candy crush game:

1. No matter how busy you are, you can always find time, to do the things you love (just as you find time to play candy crush)
2. It is good to keep a watch on your progress (just as you watch your progress in game)
3. No matter if some people doesn't like you, there shall be always some group of people who loves to have you with them (just like similar candies enjoy each others company).
4. It's not important how many times you lost; it matters how many times you tried (just as you try completing some stage multiple times restlessly).
5. There shall be always people who are not so fortunate like you, who desires to be at your place, who would love to have your life, your job or your friends; so value what you have and keep progressing (just as someone who is behind you in game).
6. If you are trying and losing then you are far ahead with peoples, who are not trying at all (just as you being at first stage and somebody not installed the game yet).
7. In the middle of trying and losing, it is better to take some break and regather energy within before a fresh start (just as timeout breaks in game if you lose in continuation).
8. When you are with family, keep everything aside and give them a quality time (for those who play candy crush in bedroom's).
9. Everyone starts from the scratch so do not get jealous with people ahead of you, do not dwell upon impossibilities, do not sob upon losses (just like someone who is at 100th stage has started with 1st stage someday).
10. Life is one of its kind and like some never ending book, just keep reading, learning, moving, growing & inspiring. (just as you never hear anyone saying they finished the complete game).

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