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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Some tips to handle work (pressure) in office:

Office arrest is the right word, just like some house arrest. As most of our times are spent in office.

You wake up in the morning, travel to office, work all day, come back home.
Sounds simple, isn't it?

The irony however is different - you wake up in the morning (don't feel like leaving the bed, but you do !), you travel to office (the to-do list of the day keeps running back of your mind), you work all day (in an environment where work is always lesser than the plannings), come back home (to prepare yourself for the next day).

Some of the following remedies, you can observe, in order to keep yourself from work pressure in office:

1. Love your work, not your boss. (you can love your company, who is paying you)
2. No one is expert in everything. (Even your head of department)
3. Its OK to ask questions.
4. Its nothing wrong, if you can't speak in English properly as long as you are able to express yourself in Hindi or any other regional language which everyone could understand. (perhaps only in India)
5. If somebody is senior to you, that doesn't mean he would be always right. (Seniority doesn't guarantee relevant experience)
6. Choose your self respect &  ethics, over your job.
7. Do not waste time thinking about amount of work to be done, rather start doing it.
8. You are not a robot to deliver everything on a same day. You can always leave on time and continue next day.
9. Take out sometime for your family, friends & hobby even during weekdays.
10. Everything happens for some good reason, even the worst of the worst things in life. (Death could be an exception)
11. You can keep yourself arguing with the idiots.
12. Leave every feeling of disappointment in office and come back home with fresh mind, just as you left for office in morning.
13. You should try taking sick leave, even when you are sick of everything and need sometime for yourself.
14. Last but not the least, do not forget that the God you believe in, is above everything.

I wish you a happy life,

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