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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Growing higher in life

Everybody starts their day with positive mindset, expecting the best to happen during the day. However, most of the times, as the day unfolds we realise that our expectations didn't match with circumstances. By end of the day, we become totally uptight and return to our homes tiredly.

If someone tells me that he has 5 years of work experience, I wonder if he had really grown in those 5 years or just slogged.

The growth even takes place in the physical structure of animals with each passing days. However at the end of the day they are still animals. But we humans are totally different.

As we grow up, in addition to change in our physical body, our foresightedness enhances, our endurance level enhances, we act more responsible.

If some same thing or person makes you upset from past few years then you need to analyze your growth. As we grow up we learn to handle situations better. We don't get upset over little things easily.

We don't just grow up for ourselves but our growth sets an example for our children's. It is most common that our children keeps us as an example and starts their life journeys. So whatever you do today would not only impact your life but even to your immediate family.

You couldn't measure your growth just with bank balance, rather measure it with your level of patience. Check if some old wrong event or people who betrayed you, still bothers you. Check if you still gets tensed for unimportant things. Check if small losses still makes you restless. You can even check the quality of your prayers and what you seek from God.

Grow higher, grow happier, grow funnier, grow smarter, grow better, grow and just grow ... just as business without profits is of no use; so as the life without growth.

I wish you a happy life,

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