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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Life in Top Gear

When a car is in its top gear, it runs at its highest speed. It is always not possible to drive at the top gear and we shift gears according to the situation. Situations may not always favor to drive at top speed, but the driver keeps looking for chances to increase the speed, so he could reach faster.

Similarly, in life it is not always possible to be at our best. There could be situations which would keep you from moving fast, but the hope of speeding up, would enhance the chances to be at the top. Problem with most of us is that that when we have chance to increase the speed, during that very moment we are mourning over  the past. As you shift gears of your car the same way you should learn to shift your efforts.

You might be in the situation when your life car is stuck in traffic of burdens & worries but always remember it is not your permanent destination. The time coming would be more favourable. You have to mould your efforts according to your situations.

Don't feel jealous with anyone ahead of you. Don't feel yourself lesser than anyone. The red signals are bound to turn to green and you would certainly get a chance to ride away. Unnecessary shifting would be dangerous, so drive smartly.

You are the driver of your life car. Take 100% responsibility of your life. Drive slow during bumps (usually put by  others), Push brake (to avoid harming others), Focus on your journey (others could take different roads), Drive smartly (learn to take shortcuts), Press horn (beware of the people coming between you & your way of success), other cars at the signal are always attractive (your life is equally good) God is watching you (your car has an airbag).

Happy Journey

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