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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What do you talk to yourself?

No one can lie to himself. The soul within know everything about us. Our body is habituated to our daily actions. For example, the time when we get up on weekdays and weekend's. Our body is used to it. Over the period of time what all we thought, what all we felt, what all we did; accordingly our body is used to follow such pattern.

What you Speak to yourself is the biggest contributor to your habit. What you Speak to yourself, it becomes your Thoughts, then Thoughts influence your Actions, later your Actions brings Results & accordingly your life is designed.

So you have to look at your life today, which would be the result of your past actions. You can't undone the past actions but certainly you could take charge of your current life.  What you Talk to yourself really makes a difference to your life.

When you Say, "I can't afford" then you give birth to shackle of impossibility, that circles  around you and keeps you from affording your desire. On the contrary, if you say "How can I afford it?" then you are opening the cage of impossibility within you.

"I am happy" "I am positive" "I am strong" are few affirmations you should speak to yourself. When you Speak a word it travels far beyond imagination. Like some boomerang our 'Words' return to us. Wind traverse the Words to the Universe & it Returns to our lives as we uttered.

You can't expect God to make your life positive when you yourself speak negative about it. As they say, words are mightier than the sword, is indeed true; since the Sword kills & the Words manifest.  Just like the rainfall, the power of words apply to just and even to unjust. You can't escape the problems but you could certainly escape the way of speaking about it.

I know I am the best. The one who is reading this message is the best. This life is beautiful. God is very happy with me. This planet is beautiful. God bless all

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