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Monday, 23 May 2016

Master Key of Universe - LOVE

Well, Love is the easiest, yet difficult feeling to understand. Love is the source of every creation. Even the creation of universe is the result of Love. No one is unloved in this universe and it is Love that unites & inspire everything.

I asked Sun one fine morning, "Why don't you take leave on Sundays?" He answered, "Since I love everything. All my friends need me. Trees, River, Wind,  Humans,  Animals, Earth everyone needs me and I can't collapse their trust on me."

"What you get to do this?" I asked

"I don't love to get love in return. Ask a Flower why it blossoms despite it gets plucked. Ask a River what he gets in return for flowing. Ask a Tree what he gets in return for his fruits. Ask a Mother what she gets in return for her incomparable love. Loving without expectations is true love."

I asked a Tree then, "Why you let humans and birds and animals to take advantage of you?"

And he answered, "Love is an act of Giving. When the mother sacrifices her share of food for her children, she never thinks if her children are going to take care of her the same way, during her old age. When a father struggles in office to earn for his family, he never thinks that his family should earn for him too. When you Give, it is when you are involved in act of true love."

I asked a River "Which is the biggest mistake of humans?"

"The mistake of considering oneself as unloved. Each one of us are result of love. Our creator loves us, despite not being physically with us. The one who thinks that no one love's him or her is a biggest fool. The result of love has to be a loving. So its a biggest mistake if somebody belittles himself or herself, as we all are unique, special and loving in the eyes of our creator and we should see ourselves in the same way."

Then I ask my mother to whom she loves the most, whether to my father or to her children.

And she replied, "I love my Children. It is a myth that love doesn't rust with time, but the irony is that that in relationships the lovers, being the sailors of the relation-ship, eventually starts to focus on different light houses. The ship therefore stuck in the middle and couples argument on the direction they should go. One of them accepts to sacrifice his or her destiny and they then feels that the love between them is lost. However, love never evades, it just fades. When you & your siblings were born, it felt like our faded love has came to the surface in beautifuler form and it would never fade as the feeling of being mother would only a female or her creator would understand. So I can't say who I love most, whether my children or my husband, as I am like some tree who loves its sour and sweet fruits equally and that is love. Love overseas imperfections.

And I asked myself to whom I love the most?

"Writing, that gives me reason to live & share my thoughts. It was my love for Soni that inspired me to write after we broke up. And with passage of years, my love for her have grown up and so is my love for writing. There is no peak at which I will stop writing or loving as love is limitless like our universe. Even after I am dead my writings & love for Soni would continue blossoming."

Love is in abundance, yet we are mostly occupy ourselves with materialism. Everything around us is love. When you take out time to realise it, you will find that love loving you more than you love to love.

I wish you all a loving life.  Please spread this message if you loved it.

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