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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Thought Power !

Some thought we know is unimportant, still we hold onto it as if we are inebriated by it.  We put ourselves in two minds; One, the thought itself and the Other thought, defending existence of first one.  We keep ourselves from thinking about it. Still the same thought would pop up again & again. Despite we know that thoughts are seeds that would harvest our future, still we find hard to move our thoughts at optimistic end.

This is the time when we are put to test. The time when the divine power is working upon us. The idea is to make us learn about changing ourselves. When our mind is trapped into some unwanted or unimportant or negative thought, then our power is on test, whether we choose to withstand it or we choose to withdraw from it.

Our life vehicle moves in the direction of our thoughts. We have the power to withdraw or withstand a thought. We can't project a successful life with unsuccessful thoughts. We need to develop a habit to withdraw ourselves with thoughts that are unimportant and off road to our destiny.

Once you have identified a wrong thought, then just replace it with right thought or delete it completely. Don't water it with your time and make it grow. It takes lot of courage and high character to undone a thought about someone who did you wrong. Each of us are bodies that would decompose some day and we all are working here for development of our souls. So don't carry the wrong thought to your soul.

Imagine what the tress would be thinking at this time? Are they feeling angry or just growing? Trees choose to overlook negative around them. Their thoughts are godly. May be we can't be completely become like trees but we could certainly try to embrace the quality of letting go of unimportant thought.

Your thought would effect You, Your relationship's, Your life, Your future & Your journey. So handle it wisely.

I wish you a very happy life,

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