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Saturday, 21 May 2016

My Conversations with God (1)

"Give me some thought to share today. I think I am done with writing everything I knew."

It won't happen ever. (Someone spoke to me). Till the time, this Earth is spinning, you would always have something to write about.  The writing is like some sea which would never ever gets deprived of water & shells.

If you write about 1000 books on Sun alone, still you will find that someday some new book has come up on Sun. There are millions of books on love stories, still each new day someone is writing a new book on love story. There is no end to anything except the physical body.

Right now as I speak to you. Sun is shining and would continue to do so, until I say onto him otherwise. Trees are growing. Sea waves are moving back & forth. Wind is flowing. Planets are set on their places. Few souls are waiting for rebirth. Few bodies are about to get perished. Few new bodies formed in the womb are about to take birth.  Everyone & everything is involved in  Movement I have designed.

Everyone is knowingly or unknowingly part of this movement. The one who is intelligent submits himself to this unending activity. When you feel that you have nothing to write it is the call of  devil. The life would seduce you in different ways and it is upon you, which form of seduction you choose, that would accordingly affect your life.

There is no better living than submission of oneself to the will of God. Whatsoever you do in life, do as if the act of devotion. No work is big or small and each human is  designed to do certain work more efficiently than others doing the same work. Anything you do with complete devotion would yield you more than a bread.

Rise above the fear of losing out on anything. The only purpose you should carry is the advancement of your soul.  Whether you milk a cow or get a bread by begging or run a million dollar empire; take out time to ask your soul about its purpose and it would reply you through feelings. Feelings are powerful tool of your soul. The feelings is language of soul, which your physical body understands. After your body is perished, the soul would carry the feelings to the sky and your next birth would carry forward those feelings with your new birth.

What you feel now is the result of present conditions & your past life feelings. Just get rid of feelings of worry, fear & discouragement and let these feeling perish with your body.  For you should know that everybody is born to excel so don't end up considering yourself otherwise.

For I speak with everyone and every time in different forms like feelings, advice of friend, physical conditions, bank balance, relationship's, death of loved ones and many more.  All one need is to keep his ears so big that it could hear the thundering in the sky years before the showers.

Amen !

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