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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why Good people has more problems?

Let us go, way back to the time, when God has created this universe. God has created two opposite forces, Good & the Evil.   The creation of Evil force was as important as creation of Good. Since without the Evil force there is no recognition for the Good.  Imagine in schools every student is getting First class grade or in offices everyone is getting promotion.  The world would be so boring place to live, in absence of unevenness. Therefore, to recognise Goodness there has to be Badness. 

'Good' and 'Bad' are nothing, but just the perception. You also know that some people you dislike are the same people who are most loved by somebody else. Most of the Good & Bad people and things are societal invention. We compare others with our self, to label them Good or Bad.

Rape is bad, killing innocent people is bad, troubling stray animals is bad. However, buttering to boss for promotion is not bad, having sex with many, out of personal will is not bad, boozing is not bad (its harmful), following ones passion is not bad etc. Everyone wants promotion, fun & more than others. So if you are left behind so do not consider the people ahead of you as bad.

If you are following societal rules, following your religion and term yourself as Good, and Bad to those who don't follow it, is not right.  Personal will is Godly. Every one of us are unique and talented.  A bird can't term an elephant as bad, only because the latter cannot fly.

Two opposite forces created by God exist everywhere. Problems are nothing but just the passing moments, just like the happiness. Most good people feel themselves unhappy, since they are comparing themselves with people around, who are happier, despite not following the rules.

Then they ask why God gives more to bad people? Before the eyes of God everyone is equal. Good & bad are deeds for which the soul shall suffer after the death of body.  Even the smallest of smallest good deed, would not go unnoticed. Sooner or later or could be in your next birth or could be your loved ones would enjoy the fruits of your good deeds and the opposite would happen if the deeds are bad.

The world around is beautiful. Be at peace with your life and stop falling into trap of good or bad. Let God take account of the good and bad. You are on earth as traveller and would keep moving, by changing bodies, so enjoy your vacation & be happy.

I wish you a happy life


Ramona Weber said...

So true. Ilove your words. You`re speaking out of my heart.

Ramona Weber said...

So true. I love your words. Speaking out of my heart.

Author Chetan Dalvi said...

Thank you

Author Chetan Dalvi said...

Thank you