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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What they don't teach at Schools...

Each one us have cried on the first day of our playschool and on the last day of our college. Same tears, same person, but different reasons.

As a child, we desired to become something once we grow up. Our parents have desired us to become something, once we grow up. Once we have grown up, we have become something, that nobody expected.

As a child we thought our friend's parents are better, as they get everything they ask. Once we reached college, we felt envious with one friend who we thought has better life than us.  After we started earning, we understood that money was not the solution.  After we became parents, we pretend to have lived an idol life before our children.

The reason that almost all of us experience the same life is because life is some never ending Exam.

A child formed in the womb, was a winning sperm. A toddler wins, when he learns to walk.  These were the most important exams which we all have passed with flying colors.  However we take these victories for granted and give all importance to exams of schools and colleges.

We went to school to prepare ourselves for the life exams. But the question paper of life is totally indifferent to what we studied in schools.  No school taught about relationship, handling work pressure, pursuing ones dream, handling breakup or coping with fear. 

Students with good grades during schooling, sometimes fail in life exam and the reason is that that you don't need good grades or education to get better treatment from life. 

The advantage however in life exam is, that you are allowed to refer any book to answer the question. Therefore people turn to their places of worship or to their friends or to doctors or to parents or to spiritual gurus etc., for the solutions.

The answers however lie within us.  That's how the journey of our soul progresses.  Moments of happiness and sadness are just easy and difficult papers.  The more you take interest on the subject, the more you involve yourself in the study, the more you seek solution within; the better would be your life. 

No one can appear the exams of your life on your behalf.  Its You! who has to find solution and move on to next exam.  There are no grades in life exam.  The results are attached to your level of satisfaction.

You might be struggling with your finance's. You might be trying to over come from the pain of break up. You might be getting sleepless nights, since you are missing your deceased loved one.  You might not be able to explain your pains to anyone. You might be struggling with some health issues; Please understand that these are life exams, which you can't escape from and the power to clear your exam is lies within you. The more you attempt the exam with courage, the easier it would become for you to clear.

I pray to God to give you the power to realise your inner strength and clear your life exam with flying colors.

I wish you a happy life,