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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Understanding the Power of Patience

I remember when I finished writing my first book, 'Soni Please Come Back'; I wanted to see it in stores the very next day.  However, over the period of time I have learnt a most important lesson to 'Have Patience'.

A tree doesn't starts giving fruits overnight, a flower takes time to flourish, great architects takes years to stand tall, a bird takes time to learn flying despite it is born with wings, worlds fastest runner have learnt to crawl before walking & running.

Every greatest victory was not conquered overnight.  We might fall in love at first sight, but understanding takes years to develop.  Losing out on patience at work place or relationship or dreams are common incidents.

The time when you think that you could no longer continue & you have reached your limitations; that is the time when you have to double your efforts. That is the time when the destiny is closer & you are made to attempt the final test of patience. 

Just as, when the child is about to get delivered, the labour pain of its mother was at peak.  When you feel that you have reached the fag end of your patience or your hard work or the number of tries you have put in certain activity or relationship; it was the time, when your dreams are about to come out, from the womb of your destiny.   It is not the fag end, it's rather the indication of new beginning. Therefore, do not give up out of frustration.

It may happen that your growth could be slower than your peers, but keep going. You may be earning lesser than your colleagues, but continue being honest. You may be waiting since years for some dream to manifest, but keep dreaming. You may be yearning for life partner, but never stop believing in true love.

You can't just stop in the middle of racing track and blames everybody else for losing out on game.  You have to keep working & extending your level of patience unless you achieve your dreams.

Remember, you would never ever get difficulties, more than, that you can't handle. Your God knows your limitations better than you; so do not underestimate yourself or your God. 

It is better to keep trying, than giving up.
It is better to keep loving, than giving up.
It is better to wait, than giving up.
It is better to expect, than giving up.
It is better to try & lose, than not trying at all.

I wish that your patience level would multiply & you become the best of your own self that you can't even dream about.

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